The back yard now is a haven for our three monster dogs (at more than 300 pounds of pooch, they are a force of nature) and for our seven year old son.  This is the first time in his life that he has been able to play in the back.  (The K9Grass from Field of Green) is lovely, eco-friendly, and comfortable for all the two and four legged creatures that inhabit our home.  We are delighted and grateful.  The investment in the turf was the best money we have spent on this house, and it has added greatly to our quality of life and the value of our home.  Thank you so much for your expertise and care.  We are delighted to be references for your company so please let any prospective clients know that we are available to talk personally about our experiences.  Our contact information by phone and email is here … please feel free to use this letter or any portion thereof in your materials.

Many thanks!  Now, we should talk about the front yard….

Cheers, Mary and Fred Blum;