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Artificial turf plays at a higher level

Field of Green provides only the best, American-made artificial grass!

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It’s About Performance

  • Unlimited use
  • Limited maintenance
  • Long-term solution
  • Unmatched performance

artificial-sports-turfOur turf options are manufactured to unique specifications that create the perfect products – and improved performance. Our premium products are proven to be cleaner, greener, safer and more like natural grass than your typical field. Let us show you the difference. Learn about creative, cost-saving underlayment options that stabilize and enhance GMax too. Tired of excessive infill getting in shoes and players’ eyes? Worried about a field being too hard or too soft? We have the solution. These products installed by Field of Green™ not only look like real grass – they play like natural grass!

A sports field is more than just the turf on top. It’s a system with many components, such as drainage, sub base, and a shock pad. The system you want may depend on your budget and some input from a specialist. We can help with the design and building of your field from start to finish, and we work with many local architects and field designers. We offer many great products and turnkey solutions without forcing one system, product or brand on you. Whether permit-only use or 24/7, we have blade and fiber options to meet the demands or preference of each situation.

Versa™ Play synthetic turf truly enables your athletes to play at a higher level.

Why Versa™ Play?

  • Unlimited use of fields in all weather
  • Greatly decrease maintenance costs
  • Handles rain and drainage better
  • Natural look and feel
  • No visible infill or infill flyout
  • Incredibly durable fibers
  • Anti-microbial technology available for a safer, cleaner field
  • Improved performance

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