Artificial Grass Pleasanton CA

6105437824_a58d43a896_bAre you looking for a way to save water, while still keeping your home well-maintained? Everyone is trying to stretch their water further these days and that can, quite simply, be difficult to do with a large natural lawn. Many homeowners in Pleasanton, California are turning to artificial grass to solve this problem. Artificial grass stays green year-round and can save hundreds of gallons of water each year. It also reduces carbon emissions from lawn maintenance, eliminates the need for harmful pesticides and fertilizers and saves you money. Synthetic turf from Field Of Green is the simple solution to this common problem.

We have over 12 different grass solutions for you to choose from. All of our products are from two reputable suppliers, ForeverLawn Landscape or VersaTurf. Their products are all 100% American made and contain the highest green content on the market. Customers rave about the realism and soft feel of these grasses. No longer are the days of the cookie cutter, obviously fake, synthetic turf. There have been many exciting developments over the years that has produced realistic, functional artificial grass. Not to mention, we can install your choice of grass in any shape or form to fit your needs. Whether it’s delicately placed around stepping stones or in a unique shape in your front yard, we can design the grass to meet your desires. After all, you’re the one who will be enjoying the synthetic turf for years to come in your Pleasanton home.

Field Of Green was recently awarded Top Performing ForeverLawn Dealer in North America. Many homeowners just like you have chosen Field Of Green as their artificial grass installer, but if you need more motivation to choose us, here it is:

  1. We are fully licensed, bonded and insured. 
  2. We offer an 8 year warranty on our workmanship. We believe in the work we do and we want you to believe in it too. 
  3. We professionally train all of our installers. You receive a truly professional installation when you decide to work with Field Of Green. 
  4. We have many satisfied customers. Read about their experiences with Field Of Green in our testimonials section. 
  5. You will save time and money with an installation from Field Of Green. You can count on a quick and professional installation.

Save hundreds of gallons of water every year with an artificial grass installation from Field Of Green. Support your community and save time and money in your Pleasanton, California home with this simple switch. Contact Field Of Green today to discuss your synthetic turf solution.