Frequently Asked Questions

Aren’t all synthetic grass systems the same?

Definitely not! Our products are clearly a cut above. Please take the time to review our product section and the links to our different brands. In short, we have unique products, designed for durability and realism, with options for knit, standard and premium backing systems and an advanced, unique seaming method on our premium product line. Why our products? Quality and innovation, and they’re American-made.  Our customers get the best. Field of Green™ does not take a “one size fits all” approach and we have chosen the best products and systems that are proven and tested for different applications.

Do you install natural grass and perform other landscape construction?

We love natural grass, and we do install natural grass – however, most people call us because they are tired of grass and need an alternative. Field of Green is experienced in all phases of landscape construction. We install hardscape such as concrete, low voltage lighting, irrigation, drainage, and more. We also offer sports field turf maintenance and construction as well.

Is your artificial grass pet friendly?

Absolutely. We have installed numerous dog parks and more than half of our customers are dog owners! In a low-use back yard, any of our products will do fine. However, if you have multiple dogs or are looking for a kennel area, VERSA™ Pet is the product you want. It is designed specifically for dogs with a new construction featuring durable, knitted antimicrobial fibers improve drainage and fight odors..

Can animal waste harm my new artificial grass?

Since the grass is porous, the urine will drain through the grass and rock base into the ground beneath and will not stain the fibers. The feces can be scooped and discarded and the remainder hosed off without harming the grass in any way.  VERSA™ Pet is the best option yards with pets. It made fron antimicrobial materials, designed for maximum drainage, and has shorter blade heights for easy cleanup.

Is the grass environmentally friendly?

Consider the facts.

  • No need to water
  • Permeable
  • Recycled and rapidly renewable materials in our BioCel turf backings
  • No pesticides and fertilizers in the soil, streams and rivers
  • No carbon emissions associated with maintaining lawns and no 12 MPG trucks driving everywhere to cut grass
  • Recycled content means less landfill waste and LEED credits.
  • The cost savings are huge.

The grass is green, the content is green, the benefits are green, and your dollars saved are green – if it were any greener we would have to water it! 

Will the grass fade?

Ultimately, yes. All synthetic grass from any company will fade some eventually. UV degradation will happen before any fading is significant. However, our products are all treated with a UV inhibitor to protect against fading and UV degradation. Our products have been installed since 2004 and there has never been any warranty issues for fading or UV degradation. Synthetic grass products have been installed for outdoor sports since 1965 and today’s products are better than ever. Our products can last 15-20 years and per the Synthetic Turf Council’s recommendations, we offer an 8-year limited warranty against fading and degradation. Turf warranties over 8 years are not recommended in the industry.

Does the grass have a warranty?

Yes, our warranty covers fade and excessive wear for 8 years. We expect our grass to last for 15-20 years. We also offer an unprecedented 8 year warranty on workmanship if Field of Green does the installation. The most important warranty is the quality of our workmanship, because poor installation can make even a great product look bad. Many companies have come and gone – but we have remained and have been doing this since 2004 with thousands of satisfied clients.

How is the grass priced?

The grass is priced on a per square foot basis which can be figured by taking the width of an area times the length. Pricing varies based on three things: The size of the project; the sight conditions; and the product you choose. Also, the application determines pricing – turf for a playground or sports field are priced differently.

How much does the grass cost?

That’s a tough one due to all the variables such as location, ground prep requirements, access to the area, size of the job, etc. Your best bet is to contact us for a free estimate.  We will bring the showroom to your front door and give you an estimate with a PRICE MATCH GUARANTEE.  WE WILL NOT BE UNDERSOLD BY LICENSED CONTRACTORS FOR COMPARABLE PRODUCTS. Our turf consultant will be able to provide a site survey and give you accurate answers to all your questions and specific recommendations on the options that will serve you best for years to come. Actual pricing will vary from area to area.

Does water drain through the grass?

Yes, our grass is perforated throughout to allow for water to properly flow through into the drainage base that has been applied underneath.   Our products drain better than natural grass, and our drainage is GUARANTEED.  All artificial grass made in the USA drains more than adequately for weather nationally.  Don’t listen to anyone that claims products don’t drain “as good as theirs” when it comes to rainfall and water going through the turf.  Issues with drainage are related to the rock base or underlayment – NOT THE TURF.  In one hour more water drains through our grass than rainfall for the Bay Area in an entire year, and we have tests to prove it.  Below are 3 PDF’s available to download about Field of Green’s synthetic grass drainage.

Does the grass mold or mildew?

Due to the non-absorbing nature of the materials used and the drainage base designed to migrate water away from the grass, mold and mildew is not an issue. In fact, our backing is made of an anti-microbial polyurethane foam and a premium products have a geotextile fabric made of recycled plastic bottles.   Our standard and knit backings come without the tertiary geotextile layer.  Because our competition is often threatened by our quality and variety, they often make false and untrue statements about our products.  They have been warned to stop making false statements.  If this happens you can report them to the Better Business Bureau at or the Synthetic Turf Council.  The Synthetic Turf Council has a Code of Conduct and Code of Ethics that discourages this behavior.  See the Code of Ethics and Code of Conduct under About Us.

How hot does the grass get?

The grass does not stay as cool as natural grass which has water and moisture in it.  More than likely you have considered an alternative to natural grass because of the benefits like saving water, reducing maintenance and carbon emissions, and a desire for a hassle free beautiful lawn. Artificial grass, like most synthetic products can absorb heat and get hot to the touch.  Lighter colors of PE fibers (white and tan) do not get as warm.  We know this too from vinyl seats in our cars.  Other outdoor products like slate, tile, brick, natural stone and pavement will absorb and radiate heat too.  At the beach we have hot sand, too.  Yet a small breeze will take most of the heat off of all of these things.  Also, because we do not use a lot of infill in our products (like most high infill sports field products), our turf installations can retain less heat.  Many of our products are optional or no infill products and we also have alternative “top dressings” such as cork, walnut shells, coconut fiber and Microban acrylic coated sand.  Some of these top dressing blends pr “PET BLENDS” can retain moisture and help the turf stay cooler, longer.  Some yarn shapes and styles also can feel less hot to the touch, but often the difference is minimal.  For any of our products, on a hot day we recommend that you cool the grass with water as needed and of course kids will enjoy playing in the sprinklers.  Socks or shoes too, are a good idea if the turf is hot.

Will the rubber infill harm my children or pets?

Our rubber is non-toxic and in no way will harm either children or pets if swallowed. A material safety data sheet can be provided upon request.  Also, we offer alternative infills and many of our products do not need infill if you do not want it.

What is the purpose of infill?

Infill is optional on most of our products, and K9Grass is a no infill product.  Infill does three things:  helps to support the fibers so they stand up better under traffic; provides some cushion making the grass feel softer (if it is rubber infill); and puts weight or “ballast” on the grass for added dimensional stability in the heat (grass does not move or bubble in the hot sun).  Beware of companies that claim that infill is bad.  This is a simple and ignorant marketing technique to attack high infill sports field products that are messy – and this technique confuses the consumer.  We are not against infill.  We just don’t prefer products that need a lot of it (and we have such products but they are not as popular as our denser, plusher products where the infill is not visible and does not come out).  Companies that don’t use any infill often use more nails or spikes to pin the turf down.  In our opinion that is not practical and could be dangerous if nails surface.

Will the grass catch fire?

The grass is non-flammable.

How much water would I really SAVE by using your grass?

According to the water management statistics, 60 to 75% of your monthly water bill is for outside use! We can calculate the water savings for you.  Example: in a Mediterranean type climate like California assuming 800 SF of natural grass (that is NOT overwatered and the irrigation is off 8 weeks per year) the savings would be 495,000 gallons of water over 15 years.  That is a lot of water!  Now imagine 100 yards the same size – that is 50 million gallons of water saved over 15 years.  We have done 1,000’s of these installations.

How much money will I SAVE by using your grass?

For most of our customers, over the life of our products, the Total Cost of Ownership is less than half the cost of natural grass.  On new installations, after the fourth year natural grass exceeds the cost of your Field of Green.  This means that compared to natural grass, in most cases a Field of Green is free after the fourth year!  Also, with the rising cost of water and maintenance, the cost of real grass is growing faster than inflation in most states.  And, with your Field of Green there is no carbon emissions weekly to maintain your lawn and you have more time for other things – like family.  Example:  A typical customer with 800 SF of grass and $120 per month on maintenance and water will save $12,000.00 over 15 years – and that is before adjusting for inflation on water and maintenance costs.

How much time would I really SAVE by using your grass?

Example:  Do the math – one hour per week for 52 weeks is over two days of your life annually, or 33 days of your life over 15 years! Of course it depends on the part of the country and the length of your winter.  Most of our customers just look at their lawn but pay someone to maintain it and pay a huge water bill.  One customer of ours would spend 8 hours every Saturday on his massive yard.  Assuming over the winter for eight weeks of the year he did nothing to his grass, he still now saves 352 hours or 15 days annually to spend time with his family!

What if I spill something on the grass like paint?

Our grass is made of non absorbing materials that would allow you to simply clean up any spill without staining.  A complete care guide will be given to you after the completion of the job that will tell you how to care for your grass and clean any spill.

Will the grass harbor any bugs?

Since the grass has no organic value, the bugs have nothing to feed on and therefore will move on to the planting areas or a yard with real grass.  Fire ants have a hard time coming up through the drainage holes and will generally find an area outside the grass that has less resistance.

What about gophers and moles and deer?

Since the grass has a ¾ inch crushed rock primary layer of base material, the gophers and moles do not like digging in our rock base.  For a guarantee against gophers and moles we install a “Gopher Guard” for a small upcharge.  Deer get very confused and will move on so long as there are no edible plants in the yard.  Essentially, animals will move on to a yard with real grass where there are plenty of easier places to dig and eat.

Why should I choose Field of Green products?

Variety, experience, innovation, great people with honest answers and real solutions to your problems.  Compare what we have to offer with others and you will agree with all of our customers that we are quite simply the best value for you money, guaranteed.  Our satisfied customer base includes the city of San Jose, city of Fremont, city of San Francisco, Santa Clara County, Contra Costa County, Amador County, the Irvine Company, KinderCare, Universal Studios, dozens of contractors and 1,000’s of residential customers. You have found the right company and the right products.  Call today for more information or a consultation.