Improve Your Game with a Back Yard Putting Green

Field of Green provides only the best, American-made artificial grass!

Artificial putting green installation done by Field of Green

With a Golf Putting Green installed by Field of Green™, you can practice your pressure putts any time in your own backyard. Our high-quality artificial golf turf will improve your landscape and your short game.

Whether you are looking for a practice area to improve your game or elevate your spot for entertaining, a golf green is a great addition to any property. From practice greens at golf courses, to hotels and resorts, to back yards, our realistic greens can enhance any environment.

Whatever your golfing needs, Field of Green can tailor a solution to fit your unique situation.

Tournament Greens

Tournament synthetic putting greenOur Tournament Green series from ForeverLawn is a great fit for professionals and avid golfers with incredible natural performance and appearance. These high-end polypropylene sand-filled greens are harder to install, require more maintenance after installation and typically cost a little more; however, the benefits of this type of green for a serious golfer are many. Our tournament greens give you the ability to catch chips from over 30 yards away with realistic performance, adjust the speed of your green after installation, and offer more design options when installing.

Leisure Greens

Synthetic putting green for backyardOur Leisure Green series brings the joy of golf to any environment with minimal upkeep and maintenance. These preset nylon fibers maintain a very consistent playing surface with little to no brooming maintenance. With no time wasted on grooming your green, you can spend more time enjoying it. A Leisure Green offers consistent putts in every direction, and provides for a quicker, easier installation. Due to the nature of the fibers, we also recommend keeping the width of these greens to under fifteen feet.

Whether you want the high performance of our tournament greens, or the ease of use of our leisure greens, a golf green installed by Field of Green™ can help you get more golfing enjoyment out of your landscape.

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