Fight Odors & Germs with K9-Zyme

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K9-Zyme™ is used at many pet care facilities and parks such as this treatment at a dog park in San Jose.


Odor & Insect Control in Pet Areas

A safe way to treat odors and eliminate what causes odors that attracts flies. As part of routine maintenance, use this product and let the enzyme action of K9Zyme eat the bacteria in your home or yard, sinks, toilets and septic tanks.

100% Natural Enzymes

100% Biodegradable


    • K9-ZYME is a specially formulated solution of natural enzymes that control unpleasant odors released from pet urine and feces. Whether the urine and feces have been deposited on concrete, synthetic grass, carpet, soil and grass lawns, or have soaked to the rock substrate underlying synthetic grass, K9-ZYME rapidly eliminates odors.
    • K9-ZYME is blended from carefully selected strains of natural enzymes that accelerate the decomposition process making organic matter disappear more quickly while attracting fewer flies to your home or business.
    • The active ingredients in K9-ZYME also eliminate odors from the decay of greases, oils, fats and food substances. 100% natural & biodegradable, the natural enzymes in K9-ZYME will actually multiply and continue to work as long as K9-ZYME and organic matter are in contact. The clean fragrance of K9-ZYME will mask and suppress unpleasant odors even while it is working on eliminating them. Contains: non-hazardous water base liquid bacteria and enzyme solution.

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