K9Grass Artificial Turf for Pets

Grass Made Perfect For Dogs!

Field of Green provides only the best, American-made artificial grass!


The only artificial grass designed specifically for dogs!

Field of Green™ is proud to install K9Grass® – a revolutionary idea in the artificial grass market. K9Grass was developed for use with dogs and other pets, and has many unique features that make it the ideal grass for kennels, dog boarding and pet resort facilities, vet clinics, and of course, the home!

Special Odor-Fighting Design

The uniqueness of this product begins with the yarn used to produce the grass blades. Our special product blend helps fight odors, which in turn creates a safer, cleaner environment for the pets.

Sheer Durability


The next unique quality of the grass is that it is knitted, not tufted. This provides K9Grass with multiple advantages over tufted turf products. The first is sheer durability. Second, the knitted back provides for instantaneous and immediate drainage of the turf itself. Liquids do not need to travel along the grass until a drainage hole is found. Third, the knitting allows for a much more dense and unique pattern for the blades themselves.

A Truly No Infill Product

Another quality feature of the grass, is that due to the construction, no infill is required. There are other products, which claim to require no infill, but if you look at the product after a short period of usage, you will see that it really should have had infill to support it. The combination of the knitting process, a newly developed yarn, and a unique configuration enables us to promote a truly no infill product.

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