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Field of Green provides only the best, American-made artificial grass!

We specialize in outdoor and indoor modular surfaces for basketball courts, tennis courts, shuffleboard courts and multi-game courts

Pickleball made with Versacourt

Basketball court made with VersarourtVersaCourt™ is ideal for commercial indoor or outdoor tennis courts or backyard basketball courts. Our cutting edge athletic court surface is specifically made for basketball, tennis or multi-game courts. It is perfect for new outdoor basketball courts or for the resurfacing of old worn out asphalt or concrete commercial or home tennis courts. We also offer quality basketball goals so you can shoot hoops with style and ease.

We offer both indoor and outdoor court surfaces, including outdoor basketball courts. Our surfaces are custom designed and are built incorporating the most recent advancements in engineering technology to insure a comfortable and safe playing surface. With cutting edge product designs that reduce maintenance while enhancing surface features, our tile maximizes performance whether you’re a professional or an amateur playing on a backyard basketball court or home tennis court.

Tennis court made with VersacourtOur tennis courts, basketball courts, shuffleboard courts and multi-game courts are the most innovative systems on the market today. They incorporate recent advancements in technology for a comfortable, safe surface, ideal for professional and recreational tennis courts alike. The 3/4″ thick, shock absorbing, suspended surface reduces playing fatigue, provides better ball bounce and exceptional game performance.

Our VersaCourt indoor and outdoor basketball courts, tennis courts and shuffleboard courts are low maintenance and come with a 15-year warranty. The stress relief features of our surface helps protect joints and lower back from injury that can put a player out of commission. We offer a large selection of colors to choose from for indoor and outdoor basketball courts, tennis courts and multi-game courts. Our cutting-edge graphics department can help you with any kind of custom logo you may desire for your indoor or outdoor court surface.

VersaCourt also offers a wide variety of ancillary products including lighting, nets, ball containment fencing and Goalsetter® Basketball goal systems for commercial or a backyard basketball court.

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