Artificial grass from Field Of Green is perfect for any commercial space. It saves thousands of gallons of water and a lot of money. Just check out this example from the city of Ripon, California.

The city decided to use artificial grass from Field Of Green for a local project, which turned out beautifully. Adding artificial grass will save the city 8,000 gallons of water every week. That’s over 5 million gallons of water over 15 years. Pretty much, this decision was not only beautiful, it was also smart. Not only will it save the city a ton of water, but it will also reduce or even eliminate maintenance costs. Not to mention, artificial grass is green year round, even if we’re in the middle of a drought! And you don’t have to worry about mud and dirt or brown spots and weeds. In fact, most projects have an average return on investment in about 3 to 5 years because of reduced or eliminated maintenance costs and amazing water savings.

So, what can Field Of Green do for you? We can pretty much add artificial grass to any commercial space, including but not limited to parks, side walks, event centers, skate parks, and so much more. Give your commercial space the pop it needs with easy, low-maintenance artificial grass from Field Of Green. Contact us at (866) 369-4727 to see what we can do for your commercial project.