Artificial Grass for your Home

Save time, water, and money with a hassle-free synthetic lawn.

Field of Green provides only the best, American-made artificial grass!

All of our products are MADE IN THE USA. None of our products are from China. Field of Green provides professional installation of more than 12 different landscape products including VersaTurf™. While others may try to claim it, the simple fact is that our quality and realism are unmatched and second to none. Also, our turf varieties are the most environmentally responsible products on the market. With this wide range of artificial grass products, we’re able to meet the need of any residential or commercial landscaping project.

The benefits of synthetic grass are obvious:

  • Reduce water consumption
  • Save money over the lifespan of the product
  • Eliminate the need for potentially harmful pesticides and fertilizers
  • No need for lawn maintenance
  • Perfectly green grass year-round

You also save time and money! For most customers, your new synthetic lawn is less than half the cost of natural grass over the life of the product. Whether you’re looking for a superior, natural-looking lawn, or if budget is your primary concern, we have an artificial grass that will provide beauty and functionality for years to come.

VersaTurf™ has taken realism to a new level.

Our VERSA™ synthetic grass products are beautiful and versatile for many applications – residential or commercial. VERSA™ products have a natural look that is great for front and backyards. Designed to fit your budget without sacrificing quality. VERSA™ products use the industry standard polyurethane backing and utilize quality blades with multiple blade colors to further enhance the realism and performance of your grass. 

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