Not All Artificial Grass Is Created Equal!

However, upon inspection, the previously installed grass was not the appropriate product for the application. In addition, there were many high infill sports turf type of product that would be prone to retaining massive odor. The previous company also did not install a permeable rock sub base, and the drain was not recessed properly, which will lead to odor retention. It was evident that this company did not have an in-depth knowledge of installing artificial grass properly and how drains work with a permeable system to help reduce odor.
When choosing artificial grass, it is crucial to consider the many different types of grass that will yield the greatest look and application. In July, 2013, our Field of Green team set out to Napa, CA to inspect an odor issue arising from the installation of generic artificial grass from a previous company. Our customer’s goal was to have artificial grass that would be suitable for their dogs.

What Kind Of Solution Should Be Used?

Instead of generic artificial grass, a higher quality of artificial grass should have been installed in its place to aid in dispersing odor since the turf would be used as a potty region by the customer’s dogs. So what did we do? Well, firstly the previous artificial turf had to be removed and installed with a higher quality type of dog grass.

Next we had to export the incorrect sub base and install the proper pet sub base to ensure proper drainage of contamination. A shag carpet would never be used in a kitchen or bathroom, right? So why recommend a shag carpet of sports field turf for their dogs to use as a bathroom?!

The End Result.

What did the customer think of our work?

With their new grass installed by Field of Green, our customers now have a short, permeable anti-microbial product designed specifically for pet use. In addition, we also installed an “auto rinse” sprinkler system to rinse or “flush” the turf periodically for urine residue and dust that would lead to lingering odors.

Amazing, right?

Our customers think so, saying that their experience was “Fantastic! Jose was a great crew leader and his team were incredible. Our rep and Nancy in the office was also great to work with. Thank you Field of Green!”

It’s clear that Field of Green left a great lasting impression on our customer and their dogs! It is amazing how the correct application of artificial turf and quality installation could transform a field of odor to a field of pet-friendly grass.

Field of Green is experienced with pet care applications, and we do not have a “one size fits all approach,” when it comes artificial grass. Each area needs to be inspected carefully and recommended with an application that will serve our customer’s needs. We have many products for every possible artificial grass application that includes sports, playgrounds, pet areas, putting greens, landscaping and more.

We have over 10 years in the artificial grass industry that will be sure instill confidence in our quality work and care.