The Wall Street Journal wrote an article about artificial grass that reviews the year-over-year growth of artificial grass made and installed in the United States. Currently, there are 6 manufacturers of artificial grass in the nation.

Artificial turf made in China hit the market with low pricing, but the quality does not even come close to what is made here. If you are in the market for making the switch to artificial grass, be sure to check the quality of the grass, and shop around.

Want to know the pros and cons to artificial grass? Here they are, from the Wall Street Journal:


  • No mowing or watering required
  • Most artificial lawns last 15-20 years
  • Have pets? Rinse the lawn once a month with a cleaning solution that eats odor-causing bacteria


  • Prices can be high, high quality lawns can cost up to $100k
  • During summer, the grass may get up to 8 degrees hotter than the temperature outside

You can read the full article on The Wall Street Journal