Santa Clara Artificial Grass Supply & Installation

Field of Green provides the Santa Clara area with only the best, American-made artificial grass!

Field of Green supplies and installs more than 12 different synthetic grass products from brands like VersaTurf™. While others may claim it, the simple fact is that the quality and realism of our synthetic grass are unmatched. Also, our turf varieties are the most environmentally responsible products on the market. With this range of artificial grass products, we’re able to meet the need of any residential or commercial need.

The benefits of synthetic grass are obvious:

  • Reduced water use
  • Save money over the lifespan of the product
  • Eliminate the need for potentially harmful pesticides and fertilizers
  • No need for lawn maintenance
  • Perfectly green grass year-round

Over the course of owning artificial grass, it costs less than half what natural grass does. Whether you’re looking for a superior, natural-looking lawn or trying to save money, we have an artificial grass solution for you!

Field of Green also serves the following areas: